The Books

There are two monographs specifically devoted to lorica segmentata. The first (a description of this type of armour and its evolution) has been published by The Armatura Press as JRMES Monograph 1 and the second (a catalogue of published finds) is volume 2 in the same series. Both are available online in the form of PDFs as free downloads.

M.C. Bishop: Lorica Segmentata vol.I. A Handbook of Roman Plate Armour, JRMES Monograph 1, Chirnside 2002 (PDF available online) ISBN 978-0953984848

M.D. Thomas: Lorica Segmentata vol.II. A Catalogue of Finds, JRMES Monograph 2, Chirnside 2003 (PDF available online) ISBN 978-0953984855